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Welcome to the Insane Gundam Posse's Flying Circus! My name is Chachiri and I'm your webmistress this evening. The other Posse people are Megan and Cory, and they to wish you a marvelous evening. Feel free to wonder around the big top before the show starts. Oh yes! I almost forgot. Don't go feeding the animals! That's what Trowa's for! Oh, and if you see a little Asian kid running around with a rocket launcher, you might want to get out of his way. Please sign the Slambook and answer the questions there. Thank you, and enjoy your day! View My Slambook! | Sign My Slambook!

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Insane Gundam Posse's Flying Circus

That Big Top Over There
Duo: Where are we, again?
Wufei: In the main tent, you baka.